Anthony Thomas

Anthony Thomas

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First Name * Anthony
Last Name * Thomas
Username * doodlerboy
Country * United States
City Seattle
Nationality Native American
Languages English


Current Position Lighter
Areas of Expertise VFX
Preferred Tools LightingRenderingMental RayPhotoshop3D Studio MaxMAYAVray


Availability: Freelance


My name is Anthony, I am a freelance artist in Seattle, Wa. I'm pretty much looking for anything I can get my hands on that include, working on a team of incredibly talented artists, receiving deadlines and tasks that keep me active and on schedule, definitely a work environment where I can pretty much get the best critiques as much as possible. If you know of any company like that, that could use me. Let me know.

I am always taking notes and always doing the best I can at bettering my knowledge in my field, I love being told what to do, no lies, and no I'm not kissing brown nosing. I am not a leader, I am a follower. I love having a deadline, it gives me a goal to strive to accomplish. Please help me find a work enviornment that lets me work on a team, I love bouncing around Ideas and learning and growing from each co-worker. Enough about me, what about you?